Strong and durable drawers

Aug 25, 2021 House

Strong and durable drawers

Every person wants their purchased drawers to hold all sorts of items as safely as possible. The drawer is set on runners, thanks to which it is possible to move it towards the person and then close it inside the built-in furniture. A good drawer is characterised by the fact that it is strong and durable, but also functional. There are many different types of materials on the market for drawers and their runners. Wooden drawers are the most common, but durable metal has been gaining ground recently.

Metalbox drawers – drawers for special tasks

Metalbox drawers as the name suggests have metal parts in their structure. They are quite sizeable as they constitute housing of the whole drawer along with the pull-out. Actually, metalbox drawers are modern drawers with roller slides. They are relatively cheap and at the same time easy to assemble which attracts a lot of customers. Additionally, metal is a very durable material, so it can withstand various bruises, scratches or mechanical damage – in contrast to the use of wooden housing, which is not so resistant. Thanks to this, they can stay in a person’s drawers for a very long time. However, not all that glitters is gold. They also have disadvantages which include aesthetics and limited functionality. Not everyone wants reflective metal elements to be an important part of their surroundings – simply put, not everyone likes this kind of treatment. Additionally, metal boxes have limited functionality – most of such drawers do not have silent closing so using them in home conditions may cause a lot of unpleasant noises and some people are not able to stand such noise. Generally speaking, metalboxes are themselves quite noisy even when opening – this is the price you have to pay for high resistance to mechanical damage and protection of objects inside the drawer construction. It is available in various lengths and heights. Its additional advantage is the fact that the inside of the drawer will be able to be filled with more materials – they widen the inside of the drawer by several centimetres compared to wooden competitors.


There are a large number of drawers and matching runners on the market. The important thing is to adapt them to your needs and you will be satisfied. If someone doesn’t want quiet drawers but resistance then metalboxes are for them.