Silent door closing

Nov 5, 2019 House
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Silent door closing

Furniture in our home always has a practical function, especially if we think about the alcohol bar. It is worth noting that furniture closed through doors can be very problematic. The problem is mainly based on hinges, which develop over time, so the door does not have adequate support. It is also worth mentioning that made hinges can also squeak when opening such a piece of furniture, which certainly does not give us any comfort in using such a solution.

The problem with opening the door after dark
This is particularly hard at night when everyone in the house is asleep because the noise of squeaky doors can wake anyone up. Fortunately, today we do not have to worry about this problem, it is enough only to use appropriate furniture hinges. Modern furniture has this in common that they use more complex solutions, so that hinges supporting heavy doors from the shoulder allow us to better use the furniture itself. It is worth noting that today hinges are much more resistant to various mechanical damages. Thanks to this, they retain their quality, which at the same time gives us the possibility to open and close the door for a long time, without fear of damaging the hinges by accident. If we use a furniture hinge 110 degrees, we can be sure that the barge will open to its full width, so that the door will not disturb us in any way. In old solutions, hinges allowed the shoulder to be opened to a certain extent, which did not always give us full access to the shoulder itself. Older furniture used obsolete hinges, which often did not protect the shoulder from quick closing in any way. Fortunately, modern solutions eliminated this problem, which only emphasizes the new quality we are currently dealing with.

A good choice worthy of attention
You should not think today about a furniture hinge with a quiet closure is the only right choice to make. After all, comfort is the most important and today furniture with a large bar is an everyday piece of furniture that we see in every modern living room. Appropriate furniture hinges allow us to safely use the bar. Quality counts, and this leaves nothing to be desired. We also have a wide variety of hinges to choose from, which in turn gives us more freedom. Such solutions are very practical and at the same time make our lives much easier. So it’s still worth deciding on this option.

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