Setting the drawers in motion!

Oct 26, 2021 House

Setting the drawers in motion!

Setting each drawer in motion is not just a matter of the force used by the drawer user. The whole process would not be possible without special rails that go into the furniture case, which are called furniture slides. Smooth, fluid and functional movement – this is what characterises Furnica’s furniture runners. On the market you can find slides with different functions. There are also several types of furniture slides of which the most popular is the ball-bearing slide.

Ball-bearing slides – strength and durability

The most important type of slide available in the furniture market is the ball-bearing slide. Above all, it’s versatile – and therefore popular. It is not afraid of the toughest challenges – it is the most resistant slide available on the market with a high load capacity of up to 50kg! This is why it is a good base, for example, for drawers that are filled with heavy materials such as large amounts of paper or books. A badly chosen slide could bend badly under such loads, which could even result in the whole slide structure breaking and having to be replaced. To avoid this, ball-bearing slides are chosen to withstand this load. They will also find their way into other pieces of furniture such as chests of drawers, wardrobes or cabinets. The interesting part of their construction is the nylon balls. These are invisible as they are inside the slide housing but they are very important as they allow the slide to move smoothly and freely making it quick and easy to use.
However, there are other models in the furniture slide range and these include roller slides. These are simpler in construction and therefore less complicated to install than ball bearing slides. However, their durability compared to ball-bearing slides leaves a lot to be desired – they have a much lower load capacity than roller slides, so they won’t be suitable for such heavy tasks.

Installation and functionality

A ball type furniture slide is the best solution when you want to use drawers filled to the brim with heavy materials. However, they are not the easiest to fit and should therefore be fitted by people who know their stuff. Furnica drawer runners also have a number of interesting features, which make drawers even easier to use. These can include push to open, soft close and bottom mounting for example – there is something for everyone.