PZ1 and PZ2 wood screws – what do they mean?

Aug 18, 2020 House

PZ1 and PZ2 wood screws – what do they mean?

PZ, or in its full name, Pozidriv, is a type of screwhead that has a relatively straight, cross-shaped shape. They are the successor of the PH type and come from the same manufacturer.

What are PZ screws?

The first of the changes the company introduced in the screws was to increase the moment of contact between the furniture accessories and the tool with which they were fixed to wood or other material. This made it possible to reduce the stress and thus improve the overall quality of the joint.

The risk of surface damage in the case of PZ type screws is much lower, thanks to which they can be used for all kinds of delicate materials.

The second of the changes introduced to PZ type screws compared to PH type is greater safety for screws. In the older type of accessories, the main problem raised by the users was the fact that when a mechanical screwdriver was used (or too much pressure was applied with the use of a classic, muscular force driven tool) – when the user did not hit the gouges well, the so called screw was formed. That is why special solutions were introduced in screws of this type, which led to the tool “popping out” from the gouges to protect them. This led to a certain increase in the tool’s working depth and also to slight deformations of the screws.

In the case of PZ screws, the manufacturer applied special technologies which made it possible to match them with the latest tools. Nowadays, screwdrivers of various types are designed in such a way that they do not lead to damage to the surface of the screw, so it was possible to resign from the so-called jumping off. This extends the lifetime of the equipment as well as the screw itself.

PZ1 and PZ2 marking – or what?

Each of these means a slightly different screw size. Basically, there are four sizes, but the first two are the most popular. PZ1 is 2-3 mm and PZ2 has dimensions of 3.5-5 mm.

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