Furniture hinges with a quiet lock – where will they work?

Oct 30, 2020 House

Furniture hinges with a quiet lock – where will they work?

Hinges can be found in virtually every room. They are present in entrance doors, balcony doors, internal doors, cabinets or wardrobes. For their proper functioning, all these surfaces need properly fitted hinges, which enable convenient and safe opening. However, can we do something about the noise that accompanies closing a cupboard door?

To make the room quieter

The cupboard was closed too tightly, the door was pushed inadvertently – and it happened. There is a noise coming from the house or flat. It is largely irrelevant if we are alone at home and no one is bothered by the noise. However, when there are other tenants in the nearby rooms (especially the elderly, noise-sensitive people and small children), it is worth keeping quiet.

There are furniture accessories that can reduce noise when closing cabinets. These include not only felt pads, which additionally push the door a little bit out, giving a not entirely aesthetic effect, but also special furniture hinges with a silent lock. How do they work and how to set them up?

Simple configuration and effective operation

Fortunately, the hinges with the silent hood are relatively easy to set up. Manufacturers usually put information on the packaging about how to position the hinges properly so that they do not operate too loudly.

As with any other hinge (straight, angled), it is very important to adapt it to the material in which it is placed and the weight of the door. Only by choosing them properly we can ensure real effectiveness in quiet closing of the door, and at the same time functionality and safety. Incorrectly selected hinges may damage the door or even cause it to break off, so it is very important to choose the right model.

In the case of most hinges with silent closing, it is possible to configure them and adjust them to a specific cabinet – these furniture accessories are equipped with special, multi-stage systems.