Furniture hinges – how to fit them?

Sep 10, 2020 House

Furniture hinges – how to fit them?

Absolutely no moving home furnishings can be without hinges. All kinds of cabinet doors, gates, doors or even windows – they require its use. However, there is a very wide range of them on sale. What are the most popular furniture hinges?

Furniture hinges – what are they for?

These include, among others, cupboard hinges or those for shelves. When selecting them, we are guided by the appropriate selection of the material in which they are to be placed. These furniture accessories may be available in versions for MDF, wood, glass or furniture equipped with aluminium frames.

Their proper fit ensures optimal functioning of cabinets and other furniture made of wood. Thanks to this, all movable elements work flawlessly, providing full access to the furniture interiors.

Types of furniture hinges

The ones intended for cabinet doors can be indicated, as well as those with more universal use. The latter can be mentioned among others:

canned hinges – they are the most popular type of furniture hinges;

strip hinges – these are the ones characterized by a relatively large length. Due to the type of finish, they are most often used in heavy furniture – because they are able to hold even a significant weight without damage;

self-closing hinges – it is a very convenient option for people who do not like noise. Thanks to them it is possible to keep the room quiet, as the hinges close by themselves (when pushed) and are extremely quiet. Their operation can be compared to self-dropping toilet flaps;

wing hinges – they are used for “broken” doors: for example in corner cabinets. This type of door provides greater access to difficult surfaces, and the hinge gives even better opportunities to store and remove items;

hinges for glass surfaces – a special type of hinge that allows you to use them without drilling. They are also strong enough to hold glass doors.