Development through play

May 24, 2021 House

Development through play

This is the best option when you want to ensure your child’s healthy and rapid development in a relaxed atmosphere. Nowadays, children are reluctant to use classical teaching aids and it is getting harder and harder to encourage them to this kind of education. Fortunately, nowadays there is a variety of toys on the market thanks to which they can develop their imagination and acquire new skills through good fun. Puzzles are a great solution, which from an early age can improve coordination and perceptiveness of a child. Spatial thinking and matching individual elements to each other will make the child constantly thinking how to combine the components of the puzzle in order to arrange the whole picture.

First puzzles for a baby

Choosing a puzzle for a child is quite a challenge. Currently on the market there are many types and models of jigsaw puzzles, which can be used to arrange a myriad of characters, illustrations, views or animals. For bigger children the choice of the puzzles may not matter, but the first puzzles should be relatively easy to arrange by the child. Then from the very beginning they will have a good attitude to this kind of toy and will want to put together new and more difficult combinations.

The first puzzles from the beginning of the adventure will slowly build the division of the whole task into smaller portions, spatial thinking and concentration. When the child understands and combines all these components, he will get a satisfying result in the form of an arranged puzzle. This will teach him step by step that patience to achieve the goal pays off.
Theoretically, the number of elements for a child’s first jigsaw puzzle should not be higher than 4. Then, the child will slowly learn to fit the pieces together. It is also a good idea to choose the largest possible pieces.


In order for your child not to get bored or discouraged with his first puzzles, you can buy him different types of this toy. He will choose the right one, broadening his horizons. By buying more and more difficult puzzles, your child will learn to make more and more difficult combinations until he or she finally reaches perfection.