A furniture hinge – an essential component of cabinets

Feb 10, 2021 House

A furniture hinge – an essential component of cabinets

Cabinet hinges are an extremely important part of cabinets because of their function. It is difficult to imagine opening this furniture without the use of these universal fittings. However, maybe the word “universal” is not too accurate here. A furniture hinge should be well chosen, because a poor fit of this hardware can result in locking cabinets that stand next to it – using any cabinets that stand next to each other should be convenient and generally possible at the same time, which is why a good hinge fit is so important. It is also difficult to use cabinets that have fronts that open downward – like a traditional bar – and are located at eye level. In this situation, it would be better to place the hinged front at the top of the cabinet enclosure or use hinges that will open the front by far more than ninety degrees.

Taking into account all the features of potentially selected hinges, you should also pay attention to the quality of workmanship – good quality hinges will be easy to adjust and you will not have to worry about them loosening or getting too fast. Only low quality hardware will quickly lose both its functionality and appearance. Also, no one wants their new cabinet to creak every time they open it.

If you want your cabinet to give you better access to the inside of the cabinet you should opt for a 110 degree furniture hinge – at least. This gives you the ability to open the front wider, making it much more comfortable to move around the interior cabinet space.

Standard in most furniture proposals at the moment is a furniture hinge with silent closure, which perfectly copes with the wild play of children or our daily rush. Thanks to such fittings, we do not have to worry about slamming doors, which not only produces a sound unpleasant to the ear, but also simply destroy both the front, as well as the cabinet case. The lack of a quiet closure and the habit of slamming doors also causes the hinges to loosen and wear out more quickly. Good quality hardware is pretty well immune to this, but it’s always better if we take care of our hardware than just hoping it won’t wear out – despite our daily attempts to degrade its quality.

When choosing hinges, it is worth to be guided by the manufacturer and the approvals with which he marked his products. It is easy to buy something cheap – only that after subsequent replacements of the quickly deteriorating hinge it will turn out that we paid for the whole much more money and time.

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