What are sarms? Use, origin

May 15, 2022 Health

What are sarms? Use, origin

What are sarms? It is the abbreviation for “selective androgen receptor modulator”. They are a substance similar to steroids. They work by binding to androgen receptors, which in turn leads to increased muscle growth capacity and fat loss. Sarms provide a very similar effect to steroids but without any side effects on the body.

For example, reversible when taking steroids are testicular atrophy (shrinkage), acne, cysts, greasy hair and skin, increased blood pressure, increased aggression and reduced sperm count.


Irreversible damage includes male pattern baldness, heart dysfunction, liver disease and gynecomastia (breast development).


The world of science has been trying for a long time to develop steroids or drugs similar to steroids that are not so harmful to human health and well-being.

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Sarms have a special affinity for some tissues, such as muscles and bones, but not for others, such as the prostate, liver and brain.

They do not decompose so easily into undesirable particles that cause side effects such as DHT and estrogen.

SARMs are also resistant to the aromatase enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen.

This issue is quite significant.


SARM has been celebrating its origins as a molecule of andarin, also known as ostarin, which was developed during research on prostate treatment methods. However, it was not useful in the treatment of prostate cancer.


Being a synthetic substance, SARM mimics many effects of testosterone in muscle and bone tissue, while having minimal impact on other organs. So the theory says that you can have the advantages of steroids without any disadvantages.


In the light of such information, it is not surprising that sports fans, bodybuilders aware of the existence of such a substance, more and more often reach for food as an alternative to steroids, which cause significant side effects.